Classic Kit Car Hall

New for 2009 a Celebration of the Industry's History!

Through the years while organising the show, we have seen many Kit Car Companies that are now no longer in existence and Car models that are no longer being produced. The Kit Car Industry has been around a long time, since the middle of the last century, we feel it is time to celebrate the fore runners of themodern Kit Car.We are planning to present a display of Kit Cars from the ‘classic’ era the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s in a separate Hall, in effect giving you a show within a show.

We will be using The Lady Eastwood Hall for the Classic Kit Car Show, which will give plenty of space for impressive displays. Along side these displays there will be space for indoor trade stands.

We are looking for a range of kitcars that are no longer in production. We will be searching out the well known cars that were produced in vast numbers as well as the small production cars. These kitcars are part of a rich Heritage which we wish to acknowledge in our Classic Kit Car Show.

If you have a classic kit car that you wish us to consider for display in the Classic Kit Car Hall, you can download the form from here or contact us by Email or Telephone.