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15/6/09 - A Sierra-based Ford Mustang Eleanor inspired Kit Car will be joining us this year! The EM500R Kit Car features a glass fibre body and is inspired from the "Gone in 60 Seconds" film.

Elanor Mustang Kit Car

11/6/09 - We are very excited to announce a public debut from Sylva Autokits. The new Spectre, from the renowned designer Jeremy Phillips. It is based on the Riot and is rear engined.

Sylva Spectre

11/6/09 - The NEWARK 09 Show Guide has been added to the downloads page.

3/6/09 - This year's club plan is now available to download! Head over to the downloads page.

2/6/09 - We have added some exciting news for Kit Car Club Members to the top of the Clubs page!

2/6/09 - This years Miss Kit Car Show will be Toni!

28/5/09 - The Information Office over the show weekend will be located inside the George Stephenson main Exhibition Hall. It is located at the right hand side of the building as you enter, at the back.

28/5/09 - 'The Jackals' have been booked for the Friday night evening entertainment!
More information can be found on their MySpace

The Jackals

19/5/09 - More Choices on the Catering Front
New for the 09 show there will be a cafe style restaurant operating in the Cedric Ford Pavilion home of the bar and evening entertainment. Breakfasts will be available from 8.00am - 10.00am. Then sandwiches will be available with the chance of a hot dish at lunch time. This gives you the option to eat indoors in the cafe or outdoors at the mobile units!

19/5/09 - We have booked a great band for the Saturday evening entertainment! They are called Oak and they perform well known covers. More information can be found on their MySpace.

OAK Band

18/4/09 - To keep up-to-date with everything Newark Kit Car Show, sign up for our email newsletter! The form is located below the navigation to the left of this page.

4/2/09 - The 2009 show poster has been added to the downloads page!

20/1/09 - New for 2009 as part of the new look Newark Kit Car Show we would like to announce the Classic Kit Car Hall. We are planning a show within a show to celebrate the History of the KIT CAR.

20/1/09 - We have added an Exhibitors Information page which is particularly helpful to would be new exhibitors who have not experienced Newark before.

19/1/09 - A short video from NEWARK 08 has been added to the site. To watch, click the video thumbnail on the right hand side of the page below the "Latest News" items.

16/1/09 - The NEWARK 09 Booking Forms are now available to download.

14/1/09 - The Newark Kit Car Show is now on Facebook! To visit our page (and become a fan of the show) click the "Visit us on Facebook" button below the navigation on the left hand side of the page! Featuring user comments, discussions, photos, videos and more, the Newark Kit Car Show facebook page is a great place to share your experience of the show, and kit cars in general, with other enthusiasts!

14/7/08 - NEWARK 08 Galleries Updated!! Over 100 New Show Photos & 225 New Miss Kit Car Photos! Visit the updated Galleries page!